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Find Yourself Inspired Everyday and Influence Others with your Positive Practice and Motivation in Life
Create better life with positive inspiration with Inspired BrainPrints Subliminal as you guide


An inspiration is what encourages a person to fulfill his dreams even through difficult times. The stronger the inspiration, the more encouraged we get. But sometimes, our inspiration can just be superficial or temporary. This hinders us from achieving our ultimate goal and living our life to the fullest.

Are you always
• Lacking energy in what you do?
• Having trouble identifying intuition from wishful thinking?
• Having a hard time listening to your inner voice for guidance and wisdom
• Lacking trust on your own intuition?
• Enticed to listening, reading or looking for uninspiring or sad things

If “yes” is your answer, then you definitely have an opposite interpretation of inspiration. Inspired BrainPrints Subliminal can help you correct this situation. It will open up your mind to positive things that will truly inspire you.

Inspired BrainPrints Subliminal uses subliminalized brainwave entertainment that is compatible with spoken word aspects. The program has ten layers of Triliminal messages. These messages will penetrate not just the left and right hemisphere of the brain but also the center. Your brain will then absorb and accept each positive message like a sponge and you’ll start to see real inspiration in your life.

If you want to
• Have a clear distinction between intuition from wishful thinking
• Look for inspiring things and listen to inspiring music and stories
• Be an inspiration to others with positivity
• Start listening to your inner voice and find inspiration within yourself
• Be guided by your inner voice to find wisdom

Inspired BrainPrints Subliminal can become your ally in finding the right inspiration. Allow yourself to have a real inspiration and become an inspiration to others as well.

Grab a copy of Inspired BrainPrints Subliminal now and find yourself more positively inspired than ever.
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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

As you trust and let go, your intuition guides you to wondrous experiences.
Being inspired is one of the top priorities in your life, and you practice this feeling every day.
Every day you read something insightful and inspiring.
Every moment of every day you are becoming more and more inspired.
you act on all inspirational impulses.
you act on all inspirations as they are received.
you allow your inner wisdom to give you guidance and direction.
you always listen to your inner voice.
you always receive excellent guidance from your intuition.
you always trust your gut feelings.

Left Ear

you are always relaxed, calm, and ready to listen to your inner voice.
you are easily able to access the power of your intuitive mind.
you are forever grateful for your wonderful imagination.
you are inspired by the wisdom of your subconscious mind.
you are learning to trust your instincts.
you are your own best counsel.
you are ready to act on all inspiration that comes to you.
Your inspirational signals are clear and strong.
Your mind is full of inspirational thoughts.
The more you trust and let go, the more inspiration you receive.


you ask that the work you do provide you with its own inspiration and energy.
you always count on your hunches.
you easily distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking.
you choose to let inspiration find you.
you confidently follow your instincts in all things.
you listen intently to the whispers of your mind.
you listen to inspiring, uplifting music and talks regularly.
you love being an inspiration to others.
you love the inspiration you receive at all times.
you take note of every inspiration that your intuition provides.


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