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Brighten up your day and every people around you with the help of Humour BrainPrints Subliminal


A witty and funny person can be a center of attention in a crowd. And why not? Humorous people tend to attract positive energy which cheers up everyone around them. Some believe that being humorous is a character already instilled in a person. But there are still others who struggle to have even a pinch of humor in their lives.

Do you have a hard time

  • Making anyone laugh, even the slightest
  • You can’t cheer up people, even yourself, in a stressful or difficult situation
  • Taking life a little less seriously
  • Spilling witty responses that can amuse and interest other people

There is still a way to make yourself have more fun. Humour BrainPrints Subliminal can help you develop humor, wit and charm by using a unique method of using subliminal and brainwave entertainment. It is an effective way of achieving a life filled with humor that can brighten up everyone’s day.

Humour BrainPrints Subliminal is an effective subliminal that uses subliminalized brainwave entertainment compatible with spoken words aspects. This enables your brain to recognize and absorb the information being introduced and instilled by the subliminal. Another reason why this subliminal will be easily accepted by your brain is because it targets the left, right and center hemisphere of your brain.

So if you aim to

  • Sharpen your mind and be able to spill witty responses
  • Live life lightly and a little less seriously
  • Make everyone calm by finding humor even on stressful and difficult times
  • Be able to brighten up your days and everyone else’s

Then Humour BrainPrints Subliminal is your key to finding humor within your personality. You no longer have to stay too serious like others and not enjoy life.

Grab your own copy of Humour BrainPrints Subliminal now and enjoy life with a fun, new you!
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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

You maintain a good sense of humor
You have a good sense of humor
Your humor is contagious
humor is important to your well being
humor keeps you positive
You make people smile with your humor
You are funny
You make people laugh.
Your smile, wit and sense of humor are irresistible to others.
You have a great sense of humor, You are full of fun and love

Left Ear

Your smile, wit and sense of humor are irresistible to others.
You have a great sense of humor, you are full of fun and love
People think You are funny
You make people smile
You always have something funny to say
You see the funny side of every situation
You are always making others laugh and brightening their day
You are sharp witted and full of funny ideas
Others hang on your every word because You’re always making everyone laugh
You laugh at yourself and this makes your life so much easier


You make others calm with your ability to find humor in stressful situations
You are naturally charismatic
You become funnier with each passing day
Others see that You are a really funny person
more and more, You see the funny side of life
Being funny seems to be taking less effort
You are noticing that others are more drawn to you because You are funny
You are feeling wittier and more naturally funny
Life is becoming easier and less serious
Your mind is becoming much sharper


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