Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal


Become Healthier than Ever and Start Unlocking the Door to a more Youthful and Vibrant You
Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal is your key to optimum health and living with abundance of love, fun, wealth and happiness


Most if not all people aim for a healthy body that allows them to enjoy life to the fullest. Many believe that the key to happiness and wealth is a healthy lifestyle, and this is true. With a healthy body and equally healthy mind and soul invites positive energy. But not all people achieve health and wellness as easily.
Have you experienced

  • Feeling toxic all aspects in your life?
  • You wake up every day feeling more exhausted and unexcited of what is waiting for you?
  • You eat how much and whenever you want to?
  • You forget simple yet important things in keeping yourself healthy such as hydration and exercise?
  • You simply take your health for granted?

When you answer these questions with “yes”, then for sure you are aware that you are giving your body a hard time. You keep doing things that may hurt your body and compromise your health in the process. So before it is too late, let Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal help you achieve that prime health and wellness you have always wanted to have.
Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal allows your brain to absorb the subliminal like a sponge by penetrating all three hemisphere of your brain- left, right and center. This unique approach utilizes subliminalized brain entertainment that is compatible with spoken words aspects which allows you to enjoy it even without the use of headphones. Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal is from results of studies made by Morry Zelcovitch in his own pursuit of achieving optimal health and wellness.

If you aim to

  • Stick with balanced meals and exercise routines that can help your body stay fit
  • Remove toxins from your body and your life as a whole
  • Not forget simple things that make your body healthy
  • Ultimately become healthier in all aspects of your life
Then the more you’ll need Health and Wellness BrainPrints Subliminal! No more excuses, this subliminal will put your focus on health the way it should have always been.
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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

your mind expects health and experiences it.
you are surrounded by positive, healthy, loving people
You are healthy and thankful for it.
your body is filled with energy and fully able to restore itself to perfect health.
You are in fully in control of your health and wellness.
you drink enough water to stay healthy and hydrated.
You are very healthy, wealthy, intelligent, successful and happy
you make all decisions from a place of mindfulness and health.
you radiate health, wealth and happiness!
you sleep in peace and I wake in joy.
your body and mind are renewed and restored to perfect health.
your body now eliminates all toxins quickly, easily, and healthfully.
you create good health habits quickly and easily.
You are healthy, healed and whole
Every cell in your body vibrates with energy and health
You are healthy and whole.
you manifest perfect health and strength
you are fit, healthy and attractive.
you accept perfect health now.

Left Ear

you eat small healthy meals throughout the day, because you honor and respect your body
you have vibrant health throughout your mind and body.
your are healthy
you gratefully accept all the health, wealth and happiness that the universe pours into you every day.
you have the power to control your health.
You are an efficient, energetic, healthy, fit person who can handle anything that arises
You are healthy in all aspects of your being.
You are healthy and happy.
You are in control of your health and wellness.
You are now in perfect health and filled with vitality
You are healthy, loving, harmonious and successful
you like eating healthy, it makes you feel better
your body is healthier and stronger everyday
Love, health and wealth flows abundantly into your life
you manifest perfect health and strength.


you make healthy choices and your lifestyle reflects those choices.
you are healthy
your Immune system is strong and Healthy.
Radiant health and well being is wholly yours.
You are grateful for a long, happy, healthy prosperous life
you are fit and healthy
you make healthy food choices
You are open to receive positive energy and complete health.
you accept good health as your natural state.
your body is healthy and vibrant
you have a healthy relationship with food.
you radiate good health
You are healthy, attractive and loveable
You are grateful for your health
You are a lucky, happy, healthy and successful person
Energy enthusiasm and sparkling health are your birthright, you accept these priceless treasures with gratitude knowing that as you give out energy, more rushes in to you
You are getting healthier every day.


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