Healing BrainPrints Subliminal


Have the Ability to Heal and Radiate Health in your Life and Influence Others as Well
Make yourself free from any sickness and radiate health in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state with Healing BrainPrints Subliminal


As we grow old, we seek ways to heal ourselves, not only on any physical damage but also with our emotional, mental and spiritual state. However, there are some pain and damage that regular remedies can heal. At some point, we hurt ourselves more than heal and tend to give up on our pursuit to healing.

Are you always

  • Having a hard time to relax to help yourself heal faster?
  • Feeling like a downer and influence others with negativity instead of helping them heal?
  • Feeling hurt and can’t seem to find any healing energy in your life?
  • Having a hard time to love and acknowledge yourself?

If your answer is yes, then you are going to a path away from getting healed. To be healed is to have positive affirmation in your life and start attracting things and people that resonates you’re truly healing, inside out. Healing BrainPrints Subliminal can bring and retain a higher level of healing in your life.

The genius behind this program is Morry Zelcovitch, who also experienced pain and damage in his life in all aspects. This intensified his will to find the best way to heal one’s self and at the same time help others heal, too. Morry developed a one of a kind subliminalized brainwave entertainment that penetrates the right, left and center hemisphere of the brain. This allows your brain to absorb all the positive energy and start healing yourself in all levels.
So if you want to

  • Start healing yourself- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Become a vessel of happiness, positive energy and healing
  • Radiate health and healing energy
  • Have deeper appreciation and affirmation of healing

All you have to do is allow Healing BrainPrints Subliminal to change your point of view and heal in a positive way. Healing should always be abundant in your life in order to help others heal themselves.

Download your own Healing BrainPrints Subliminal now and be amazed at what healing in your life can do for you!
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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

You are creating healing energy in your life
You are walking in healing energy where ever you go.
You are whole and healing with every breath
You are receiving healing in all that you do.
You are healing now, deeply and completely.
Joy is a healing choice and you choose it for yourself now.
Truthful expression is a healing and strengthening force.
Meditation and clearing the mind produces a gradual, healing stillness.
you value the healing powers of humor and spontaneity.
you send compassionate thought and healing loving energy to those in need.
You are healing deeply through powerful positive affirmation.
Your body has a remarkable capacity for healing
Your body is healing itself.

Left Ear

You are healing yourself on every level-physical, emotional, spiritual and mental
The healing energy of health is filling every cell of your body.
Loving yourself unconditionally brings healing and an abundance of love into your life
you know that your healing is already in progress
Every hand that touches you is a healing hand
When you sleep, your mind is at peace and the healing powers within your body are magnified.
You are loving and healing yourself on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
Love is powerful and healing
you create healing energy in your life.
the healing power of the universe is constantly flowing into every cell of your body. You are perfectly healed and healthy every day in all ways.
you feel healing Life flowing through you now, bringing peace to your mind and energy to your body. You are healing now.
you radiate positive healing energy to everyone around you.


You are a powerful healer, and your healing energy constantly increases.
You are thankful that your healing abilities are continuously increasing.
You are walking in healing energy where ever you go
Health and Healing radiate in your body now
you create healing energy in your life.
“You are healing yourself in every level: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.”
Positive, healing, loving energy surround you now.
Healing energy circulates to all parts of your body and beyond.
you attract healing energy
You are now relaxed and filled with peace of mind. In your relaxed state, your body repairs and heals itself quickly.
You are willing to let go of the past and heal
You are healing deeply through powerful positive affirmation.
you send compassionate thought and healing loving energy to those in need.
Your mind and body have a remarkable capacity for healing


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