Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal(Part1)


Stop letting fear rule your daily life and start feeling well-protected at all times so that you can have a happy life

Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal helps you open your mind and heart and connect with the love-based reality so that you can feel safe.


Not feeling safe can lead to a wide range of problems. For example, someone who doesn’t feel safe at all times may detach himself/herself, become irritable or even develop sleeping disorders. If you don’t feel protected, you’ll let fear rule your life and ruin the joy of your life as a result. Since there are so many bad things happening everywhere, you can easily give in to fear and start feeling vulnerable to different kinds of unfortunate incidents at all times.

Have you always wanted to:

  • Feel protected from bad things
  • Live your life knowing you are secure
  • Think positively about your well-being
  • Live a worry-free life
  • Get rid of those ‘what-if’ questions

Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal prevents you from judging the ugliness or the bad side of the world so that you can always feel safe and secure. It helps you get rid of the fear-based reality mindset.

Thanks to Morry Zelcovitch who came up with this amazing Brainwave Entertainment technology which Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal is based on. The recording subliminal changes the blueprint of your brain to create the feeling of safety and security. It changes the way you perceive the world so that you can think more positively and feel secure about every aspect of your life.

If you want to train your mind to:

  • Feel safe and protected at all times
  • Control the fears you may have
  • Think of reality as love-based
  • Dream about a safe and secure future

You should definitely use Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal because this subliminal will help you regain your power from your fears and create a feeling of safety and security in your mind, no matter where you are.


Live every day of your life knowing that you are well-protected from all the bad things happening out there. Grab your copy of Feeling Safe BrainPrints Subliminal now and experience the change.

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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

I am always safe to be myself
I am protected in all I do
I am relaxed and secure at all times
I am safe and protected at all times
I am safe and secure at all times
I am safe and secure in all situations
I am safe and well treated at all times
I am secure about all aspects of my being

Left Ear

I choose to feel safe and secure at all times
I feel completely safe and secure in my life
I feel safe and secure
I feel protected and safe at all times
I feel protected and safe wherever I go
I feel safe and secure
I feel safe and secure at all times
I move through life knowing that I am protected


My life is safe
I am safe at all times
My safety is guaranteed by the thoughts that I hold
I watch over me
My positive thoughts ensure my well-being and safety
No matter where I am, I am always safe
I am protected in all that I do
Wherever I go I am always safe


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