Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal


Develop Healthy Emotions that Spreads Positivity to Every Person Around You and have the Emotional Strength you have Always Aimed for

Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal helps you to learn to control and appreciate your emotions through any circumstances.



Emotions can influence a person’s judgment and decisions. You must have experienced making decisions that did not end the way you wanted because you were filled with negative emotions. In this world, intelligence quotient (IQ) is not the only thing that matters; having a low emotional quotient can affect a person’s life in more ways than one.

Do you ever feel like

  • You lack determination in achieving your goals because your emotions are too weak?
  • Your emotions are always thrown out of control?
  • You seem to have only negative emotions such as anxiousness, anger and misery?
  • You lack the right response to the emotions that the people around you have?
  • You let a single emotion dwell in your life?

It is normal for people to have different response in different situations. However, letting your emotions guide your life is a different case. Not having an emotional balance creates negative effect in your life in the long run. This is what Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal is designed for.

Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal is a unique subliminal recording made by Morry Zelcovitch that targets your emotions and keep them in check. This program uses subliminalized brainwave entertainment compatible with spoken words aspects. The Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal is made to penetrate the left, right and center hemisphere of your brain in order for you to retain each subliminal message.

Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal will help you

  • Take control of your emotions
  • Express positive emotions openly
  • Allow yourself to have emotions that show the real you
  • Perceive others emotions and respond to their emotions properly
  • Nurture positive emotions that influence your life and others
  • Know that your emotions and spirit are healthy

Free yourself from emotions that can lead you to the wrong path. Do not let your emotions control you.

Gain that emotional strength that you deserve. Grab your own copy of Emotional Balance BrainPrints Subliminal now and see the changes in your emotions and your life!
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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

YOU take charge of your emotions, desires and abilities
You are safe to feel all emotions.
YOU enjoy breathing clean, fresh air, YOU enjoy being healthier and being in control of your body, mind, and emotions.
All of your emotions are valid.
You are able to express your emotions openly. You show your love, compassion, happiness, and appreciation openly.
You are perceptive about people’s emotions and respond to them kindly.
YOU release the need to please others and know that YOU have a right to all your feelings and emotions
YOU allow emotions to come and go
YOU allow your thoughts and emotions to portray the real you.
your thoughts, goals, values & emotions are in balance.
You are open to feeling and embracing all emotions.
YOU know that your emotions and attitudes are the force that activates your desires and brings them into being.
YOU are in charge of your emotions
YOU experience emotional resonance with everyone around you.
YOU allow your emotions to come and go

Left Ear

YOU are successful and function better in the world when YOU are being guided by positive emotions.
YOU alone are in control of your thoughts and emotions
YOU easily forgive yourself and others, knowing that this allows your body, mind and emotions to relax.
You are stable, calm, and in complete control of your emotions.
Whatever YOU expect to happen is determined by the thoughts that YOU dwell upon plus the intensity of the emotion behind those thoughts.
YOU allow your body, mind and emotions to relax.
You are letting go of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you.
YOU are now listening carefully to your emotions every moment of every day.
YOU choose to nurture only positive emotions.
You are willing to feel. It is safe for you to express your emotions.
YOU allow yourself to feel and release emotion.
You are in charge of your emotions


YOU do what feels good. YOU ARE Joyful and Happy
YOU manage your emotions.
You have control of your thoughts and emotions and courageously face anything that comes your way
You now fully and completely forgive myself
You are in full control of yourself
You are in complete control of your emotions now.
YOU gain emotional strength each day.
Today YOU gain emotional strength
your positive attitude promotes good health and well-being
YOU take charge of your emotions, desires and abilities
YOU express your emotions freely.
you are stable, calm, and in complete control of your emotions.
YOU consciously choose the emotional state you are in at all times.
YOU now move towards peace, always
YOU feel another’s sorrow and can empathize while remembering it is not yours
you are open to feeling and embracing all emotions.


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