Emotion Management BrainPrints subliminal



Experience emotional balance, resilience, and empowerment with the Emotion Management BrainPrints subliminal – a powerful self-help program designed to reprogram your subconscious mind to effectively manage your emotions and enhance your emotional intelligence.


The Emotion Management BrainPrints subliminal is a cutting-edge self-help program that empowers you to regulate your emotions and achieve emotional mastery. Developed by Morry Zelcovitch, a renowned brainwave entrainment engineer, this unique program combines subliminalized brainwave entrainment with positive affirmations to rewire your subconscious mind and help you effectively manage your emotions.

With repeated use, the Emotion Management BrainPrints subliminal can help you:

  • Understand the nature of your emotions and how they impact your thoughts, behaviors, and well-being
  • Develop emotional awareness and mindfulness to recognize and regulate your emotions in the moment
  • Cultivate emotional resilience to handle stress, challenges, and setbacks with grace and poise
  • Enhance your emotional intelligence to navigate social interactions and relationships with ease
  • Manage intense emotions, such as anger, fear, and sadness, in a healthy and constructive way
  • Improve your self-regulation skills to respond rather than react to emotional triggers
  • Enhance your ability to express and communicate your emotions effectively
  • Develop healthy coping strategies and emotional coping skills
  • Improve your overall emotional well-being and mental health
  • Empower yourself to live a balanced, empowered, and fulfilling life

The Emotion Management BrainPrints subliminal is your tool to achieve emotional balance, resilience, and empowerment. Take control of your emotions, enhance your emotional intelligence, and achieve emotional mastery.


Get your copy now and start managing your emotions with ease and confidence!

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Script used inside this album

Right Ear

You are in control
You are calm, focused, and relaxed
You remain calm
You have the power to regulate your emotions
You always stay calm
You are able to channel any energy it in a productive way
You are in control

Left Ear

You control yourself
You effectively manage your emotions
Staying relaxed is easy
You are calm and centered
Each day it is becoming easier to control your emotions


Being calm, relaxed, and in control is normal for you
Controlling your emotions in a healthy way comes naturally to you
You find it easy to calm yourself and relax
You break free and live a great life
You naturally think positively


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